Wishful Thinking

Strive Theatre are delighted to be back in the Theatre Development Centre at Triskel developing new work. They are looking forward to spending the week completing the second phase of Strive Theatre’s Play Development Scheme for Shaunna Lee Lynch’s new play Wishful Thinking. The script has been in development since the start of the year. The premiere of Wishful Thinking will be staged in The New Theatre, Temple Bar as part of The Dublin Fringe Festival in September and return to Cork for a week long run in The Cork Arts Theatre from November 12th to 16th as part of their Emerging Artists’ Programme. Wishful Thinking is a comic play with social and cultural resonance.

Siobhan is in her late twenties and has just returned home to her Mom’s house in East Cork having tried to make it as a journalist in London. She is fed up with where her life has led. Returning to her family home she is forced to re-evaluate the choices she has made.

Mags chose to stay in her hometown and now has a young family. After her mother’s death last year, she has clung to new age, self-help philosophies to help her cope with grief. She is delighted with the distraction and rewards she feels she’s gaining from adopting the advice.

Angela Griffin is Siobhan’s mother. She has found solace from the self-help industry and has begun practicing new-age spiritual practices to help her accept her sister’s passing. She is now transitioning to a new stage in her life and is searching for fulfillment and meaning through more eccentric avenues.

Siobhan is at a major transition period in her life—she is reconsidering her whole being, seeing herself as a failure. Focused completely on herself, she is ignorant to her mother and cousin’s struggle. Mags and Mrs. Griffin try to encourage Siobhan, the newly nihilistic, out of her slump. They go on a comical journey exploring different aspects of an industry that is ever more becoming a replacement for religion.

For this week-long residency we will be focusing primarily on the script, aiming to give the playwright a full perspective on what is written, to allow her render the final draft before entering into a collaborative production process. This work has been developed with the support of Fringe Lab, The Dublin Fringe Festival, Corcadorca’s Theatre Development Centre and Cork Art’s Theatre’s Emerging Artists Programme.

The Friday showing takes place at 1:10pm in TDC. It’s free and open to all.

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