From Text to Cast

In this workshop Marie Kelly will take you through the journey of casting for theatre. The workshop is suitable for potential producers and directors, but may also be of interest to actors and drama students who wish to learn more about the casting process.

At the end of the workshop participants will have learned how to:

  1. Analyse text and dramatic character in preparation for the casting process.
  2. Develop a casting strategy.
  3. Generate creative casting choices.
  4. Audition the actor.
  5. Navigate your way through the business of building a cast.

NB. Participants are asked to read Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House in advance of taking part and to bring a copy of the script along with them on the day.

Facilitator: Marie Kelly (Drama Lecturer, Drama and Theatre Studies, UCC) was previously casting Director at The Abbey Theatre for a 6 year period.

  Date: Saturday April 27th                                                                                     Time: 10am to 1pm                                                                                                 Venue: The Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Arts Centre                   Capacity: max 15                                                                                                       Cost: free                                                                                                             Booking: To apply for this workshop, please submit a brief resume and two lines on why you want to do the workshop ,  to by 5.30 pm MONDAY APRIL 15th. Please remember to add  your name and phone number and we will contact you to confirm your place by Friday 19th.

The TDC is very grateful to Marie Kelly for facilitating this workshop.