Developing Ideas for the Theatre

A workshop facilitated by Jack Healy

 Who in the theatre encounters a blank canvas or an unmarked page in the way that painters and writers do? We tend to think of the playwright primarily in this role and everyone else a servant in support of his primary creative quest.

 But of course the playwright is exactly that; a play “wright”, a maker of plays in the same way as a wheel wright is a maker of wheels.  This notion throws open an exciting vista of possibility in respect of how a piece of theatre art can come into being with all contributors bringing a measure of primary creativity to bear on a process that is at its best a beautiful illustration of the mystery of the collaborative at work.

 There are many ways of thinking about this beyond the literary as the only possible beginning point and any member of the crew can act as the agent of initiation from the view point of his/her aesthetic perspective.

 Or indeed one can empower oneself as a sole trader, like a visual artist or poet, autonomously pursuing creative possibilities without any need for recourse to others.

 Theatre is a world of infinite possibilities……


Jack Healy has worked in theatre for over thirty years. Most of the work he has been involved in has been new work. Apart from working as a straight actor he has worked as a puppeteer and street performer. He has worked on a number of performance art projects and dance pieces and has also written extensively. In 2004 he founded Theatre Makers. As part of Theatre Makers he ran the Working Actors Workshop which seeded a number of new creative projects ( They Never Froze Walt Disney by Jody O’Neill and the children’s’ play Aesops Fabulous Foibles and Fables by Jack Healy and George Hanover). He has performed two one-man shows; The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavanagh which is on tour at present and Shostokovich which Jack wrote based on the life of the legendary Soviet composer. This was originally performed in the Cork School of Music in 2008 and is due for performance again at the Royal Festival Hall, London in May of this year as part of “The Rest is Noise” festival.

Date: Saturday March 30th

Time: 10am to 3pm with 45 mins for lunch

Venue: The Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Arts Centre

Capacity: max 10

Cost: Free

Booking: Please email giving your name and phone number and we will contact you to confirm your place. Places will be allocated on a first apply basis. The workshop is suitable for anyone working in theatre who likes the sound of it.

 The TDC is very grateful to Jack Healy for facilitating this workshop.