Súóg — The Irish In Rwanda

‘Súóg – The Irish in Rwanda’ pieces together memories of a military family, inspired by personal accounts from the Irish Rwandan Support Group 1994.

Written by: Mags Keohane
Dramaturgy by: Eamonn Doyle
Cast: Dara Collins, Rosanna Purcell & Mark Griffin

‘Súóg – The Irish in Rwanda’ was presented in SHOW work-in-progress festival in November 2018. This presentation was a collage of materials, letters, interviews and research from soldiers and their families. Since then I have focused on creating a through-line for the script which has led me to focus on the experience of military family. The TDC residency will test out the latest developments of the script. We also aim to test ideas for the audio-visual components of ‘Súóg – The Irish in Rwanda’.

The aim of the TDC residency is to explore memory within ‘Súóg – The Irish in Rwanda’. Memory is plural and multi-directional, through the TDC residency we want to explore the different points of view of a military family. We want to focus on the character arcs within this military family and the agency of characters in scenes shaped by memory.

Mags Keohane is a director, theatre maker and producer with experience working in Ireland and Scotland. Most recently Mags produced Glass Mask Theatre’s debut production ‘Idlewild’ by Jimmy Murphy and the premier of ‘Spliced’ by Timmy Creed at Cork Midsummer Festival 2018. Mags graduated with distinction from an MLitt Theatre Practice at the University of Glasgow.

Eamonn Doyle’s creative experience to date has seen a few reinventions, from Actor to Teacher to Director and finally to Writer. Eamonn completed his actor training with Bull Alley Theatre Training; professional credits include Fair City, Classic Stage Ireland and The Gate Theatre. Eamonn holds a B.A in English and Ancient History and an M.A. in Drama and Theatre Studies (UCC) with a focus on Theatre in Education.

Eamonn and Mags have worked together on a number of productions and are excited to collaborate on ‘Súghóg – The Irish in Rwanda’.

The residency will conclude with a free public presentation and discussion about the work on Friday. The showing runs from 1:10 to 2pm.  Join us!

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