“Squibs” – Corcadorca/Peter Power

Corcadorca are in TDC this week developing a new theatre piece to be produced in 2020. Pat Kiernan and Peter Power are collaborating on recordings made by Andrew Lane of him and his mother. These recordings took place in late 2016 in the house in which they both lived and the nursing home she had recently moved into.

The frame of the piece is the recording of them in the family home. They have returned there together with the intention of collecting items which may personalise her new residence, the nursing home.

This is to be the last time they are in this house together.  A phone records the entire duration of their time there, unbeknownst to her.

This week we have been concentrating on editing the material and making a global narrative out of the recording. This deals with the difficult decision to be made when a person no longer can live on their own, and the consequences of this for all.

A second week of development will take place later in 2019 to examine more closely the environment in which the audience will experience this work.

Pat and Peter will engage with an audience on Friday at 6pm to show something of their development and discuss the work.  (This sharing takes place at 6pm as opposed to lunchtime.)

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