ROGU. Guillaume Cousson & Ronan McLoughlin

Rogu is new-born collaboration between Ronan McLoughlin and Guillaume Cousson ‘Riuchi’

Both have known each other very well and have previously collaborated on projects, before Ronan left Ireland to explore the world over 12 years. They have grown individually as renown international performers with the very same set of skills, but used in different ways influencing constantly each other. Where Guillaume performed mainly in Arts festivals, Ronan toured for circus festivals. They both complement each other, speaking a body language born from movement and object manipulation to convey a story.

Working together to develop and synchronize their body coordination and expand on their common skills. In this project they are working on high-technical object manipulation synchronicity with programmable light equipment. This performance will be short but very intense. Strobe lighting and intense light effects will be at the core the performance so if you are sensitive to those please do not attend this event. 


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