Playwright Feedback

Calling all playwrights.

Having had an open discussion around how best we might support new writing, as an initial step the TDC is introducing a feed-back system for new theatre writing.

If you have a script (one that you have just finished or are still working on) that you think would benefit from an outsider’s view, please consider submitting it to TDC Play Reading Panel.  What we can offer is a conversation about your work, the responses and insights of those who have read it, and perhaps some suggestions about how you might carry the work forward.

The process:
You submit a script to TDC  (preferably digital copy)
You have the option of submitting a script that doesn’t identify the name of the writer
We will undertake to have your script read by two independent theatre people, who will give anonymous feedback on how they respond to the work.
This written feedback will then be relayed back to you in confidence.
The feedback may include some suggestions as to how best you might proceed with working on the script but you should note that we are not a producing house and so the help we can give is limited to the writing process.

If you are interested in submitting a script, please send a digital copy along with a brief history (ie. when it was written, was it a commissioned work, has it ever been workshopped) to

Alternatively post two hard copies and the brief history to TDC Play Reading Panel, Civic Trust House, 50 Popes Quay, Cork.


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