Perforum: Deborah Middleton

Department of Theatre, School of Film | Music | Theatre, University College Cork in association with Corcadorca/TDC presents:

Perforum: Spring 2020 

Mindful Embodiment Practice and the Creative Process

Wed 12th February (6 – 7.45pm) at TDC

Deborah Middleton

Director of the Mindfulness and Performance Project at the University of Huddersfield, UK

‘Mindfulness for Performers: Embodied and Relational Practices’

In recent years, there has been growing popular and scientific interest in mindfulness, and in the ways mindfulness-based interventions can be applied in a wide range of contexts.  Some of the latest research opens up aspects of mindfulness training that are particularly pertinent to performers: the role of the body, and the notion of relational, or inter-personal, mindfulness. In this presentation, I will look at some of this research as a way to understand how performers can cultivate mindfulness through body-based and ensemble training.

Deborah Middleton is the director of the Mindfulness and Performance project at the University of Huddersfield. She has published articles and given presentations internationally on Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation in relation to performance and creative process. Under the pen-name Deborah Templeton she writes short fiction and contemplative performance texts. Her writing life is closely linked to her practices as a yogi and meditator. She is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, and practises somatic meditation within the Dharma Ocean lineage.


Perforum Coordinator: Dr. Bernadette Cronin (

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