Asylum Presents “Ob Gob”

(Picture: Roderick Ford)

Asylum Productions, in association with Cork Midsummer Festival and the Project Arts Centre, presents a work-in-progress sharing:


by Roderick Ford

Three sisters dream of life, lust and a headless lover in Roderick Ford’s powerful tale of death, disability and desire.

Ob Gob, locked in her cage in the living room, dreams of killing her little sister Caoimhe.

Caoimhe locked in her leg braces, dreams of her headless lover.

Their sick mother, Yulia, fearing for the future, pleads with God on the telephone.

God does not respond.

But God alone knows what’ll happen when Neon tells them she’s off to chase dreams of a future of her own.

This showing takes place at 6pm on Friday, 22nd June as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. It will follow a week of development at TDC by Asylum Productions.

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