Katie Holly present a WIP sharing of her new play ‘Sharon’

Katie cropped


After her very successful first plunge into playwriting with last year’s ‘Marion’, Katie is back with a new text ‘Sharon’!

“There’ll be no hanky panky under my roof.  That’s what the back seat of a Toyota was invented for, Sharon”

After a decade of living it up and haven’ the craic, Sharon’s mother asks her to return to her hometown.  She works in a bar, hangs out with the local drama group and begins to feel cornered into following everyone else’s footsteps i.e. get married, buy house, have baby.  Repeat final step until dead.  This is the backwards love story of a girl who figures out what she wants just as she realises what she has.

Come along to the TDC this Friday, February 10th to hear a rehearsed reading of the text and give valuable feedback to Katie on her new play set to open at Cork Midsummer Festival later this year.


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