How It Works

The TDC is housed in what was formerly the auditorium at Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin Street. The space is used for the development of professional theatre work through residencies, workshops, talks and more. It is our hope that it will become a place where Cork theatre makers can come together to work, play, network, learn, evolve, be inspired, share resources, and forge links with the wider theatrical community.

By providing a space and encouraging the community to use it to explore and discuss, we hope that theatre makers can develop their work without the pressure of imminent production and without financial burden.

Applying for a Residency

Submit your application by clicking “Apply for Residency” and filling out the online application form.

You will be advised on the availability of the space.  Usually, the space is let to residents on a weekly basis (Monday to Friday).

You will be asked to meet Pat Kiernan, Artistic Director of TDC, at the Corcadorca offices in Civic Trust House to outline your vision for the work.  This contact allows us and applicants to see how TDC can best support the development of the project.

Using the space

If successful, you are booked in for a week.  You will be given keys to the space.  There is no restriction on how or when you use it, except that you should respect the opening times of Triskel Arts Centre (usually 9:30am-9pm).

At the end of the week, you will be asked to give a short public showing of what you have been working on to other users of the TDC and the general public. There will be some discussion and constructive criticism afterwards.

We feel that sharing and discussion is a vital part of theatre development.  Therefore, we ask all residents to commit to a showing, which takes place on the Friday of your residency at 1pm and is scheduled to last an hour.  There is no pressure to produce polished work that this stage; the showing is to enable a discussion of the process of development, not to demonstrate results.