Where is it?

The TDC is housed in what was formerly the auditorium at Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin St. The Triskel building has expanded to include Christchurch, which is the new music venue and exhibition space for Triskel. The rest of the old building houses the Black Mariah artists collective, Plugd records and Gulpd Café.

What is it for?

It is our hope that the space will be used for the development of professional theatre work through workshops, talks, masterclasses and more. It is also our hope that it will become a place in which the resident theatre community in Cork can come together to work, play, explore, network, socialise, learn, evolve, be inspired, share resources, support each other, and forge links with the wider theatrical community thinking/working/playing in Ireland.


The TDC is aimed a addressing a gap in theatre practice in Cork and a gap in the life of the theatre community in Cork. By simply providing a space and encouraging the community to use it to work/think/play/explore/discuss we hope that the theatre community here can start to know each other better, become more tightly knit, become more educated about the range of theatre practice going on in Cork and nationwide, and most importantly, have the opportunity to develop their work without the pressure of imminent production and without financial burden.

Who is eligible to use it?

Any existing or emerging theatre practitioners/artists/makers resident in Cork and beyond are eligible to apply to use the space. We will not discriminate between more and less established practitioners when deciding who may use the space.

How will it work?

  • YOU submit YOUR idea (i.e. what you plan to work on and who with) to info@theatredevelopmentcentre.com 
  • WE advise on availability of the space. At the moment, the space will be let to groups/individuals on a weekly basis (Monday to Friday).  WE can also be available to discuss YOUR IDEA with YOU if that is useful.
  • YOU book in for a given week. At the end of the week, YOU and the people you are working with will be asked to give a short public showing of what you have been working on to other users of the TDC, the wider theatre community and the general public. This will be up for discussion and constructive criticism afterwards.

Why do I have to show my work?

We feel that to make the space available to you, we require a serious commitment to professional practice and to engaging in a dialogue with other theatremakers, and that showing and talking about your work is an ideal way to demonstrate that commitment.