The Theatre Development Centre was established by Corcadorca in 2011. Unique in Ireland, it is a studio space dedicated to the development of professional theatre.

Housed in the Triskel Arts Centre, Corcadorca make the space available to theatre makers free of charge so they may write, work with actors, develop the technical aspects of a piece, but most of all so they have a supportive environment in which to create work for the stage.

Makers take the space for a week, and how they spend their time in the Theatre Development Centre is for them to decide. The one condition being that they allow an audience to attend a showing of their work at the end of their week long residency. Technical support is offered by Corcadorca towards these showings, after which, the makers interact with the audience, and there is a facilitated Q&A session.

By giving theatre developers the space to create and define work as well as providing an audience who offer a critical response, the Theatre Development Centre is committed to helping theatre from all over Cork find a space where it can come to artistic fruition.

A wide range of work has been developed in the Theatre Development Centre. Pieces developed and shown there include works looking at how language is associated with place and explored through movement, the little dramas of ushers working at a concert, and an exploration of movement, music and light with the latest technology in modern circus. The variety of work developed in the Theatre Development Centre is tied to its nature, a free space allowing work to be considered by its makers, uninterrupted for a week and an audience willing to interact with a nascent performance and begin a positive dialogue on developing theatre.

And this dialogue has continued beyond the Theatre Development Centre’s space in the Triskel, with the TDC Forums and a series of talks and workshops. The forums, an online community where theatre can be examined, discussed and debated. And workshops and talks, examining everything from how a piece can make it to the stage, to theatre’s place in a wider arts community.

The Theatre Development Centre has expanded beyond its roots and created a development community around theatre makers and goers in Cork. Something that will play a part in theatre’s exploration of the world and ourselves.

The TDC Steering Committee

Ciaran Bermingham
Eoin O’Hannrachain
Eszter Nemethi
Fin Flynn
Ger Fitzgibbon
Irene O’Mara
Jack Healy
Julie Kelleher
Pat Kiernan
Rosie O’Regan
Ruairí Donovan