Breda Larkin presents “Breda’s Way”

During the summer of 1985, statues of the Virgin Mary were reported to move spontaneously at different locations around Ireland.

The sightings of ‘Moving Mary’ had profound effects on many people. Now, some thirty years later, Ballinasloe-born comedian Breda Larkin has decided to do her own investigation.

Join Breda and ‘Moving Mary’ on a personal pilgrimage that explores unsung heroines, laughter and life on the road.

Friday, April 21st, 6pm. bredaleapblank

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This Friday, April 7th: Ruti Lachs presents WIP sharing of her show ‘Sideways on Planet Piano’

rutiRuti Lachs is best known in Cork as piano accordionist with klezmer band The Fireflies, and more recently, trombonist with Quangodelic. She is also a music teacher and community musician.

During her week at TDC, Ruti is developing her original solo show Sideways on Planet Piano. With directorship from actor Dominic Moore, and with help from lighting engineer Kieran Curtin, and Paul Facey-Hunter, she will  develop various aspects of the script, and the musical and theatrical performance.

Sideways on Planet Piano is the musical story of an ordinary single woman who parties, brings up her son, has various relationships, and struggles with huge problems -  like what to do next. This one hour show, written and performed by Ruti Lachs, is by turns moving, challenging, and hilarious. The melodic elements draw on klezmer, folk, and blues styles.

A musical cautionary tale for parents and wannabe parents, and adult offspring. Not suitable for children!

Come check out the Ruti’s WIP sharing Friday at 6pm in the TDC!

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Katie Holly present a WIP sharing of her new play ‘Sharon’

Katie cropped


After her very successful first plunge into playwriting with last year’s ‘Marion’, Katie is back with a new text ‘Sharon’!

“There’ll be no hanky panky under my roof.  That’s what the back seat of a Toyota was invented for, Sharon”

After a decade of living it up and haven’ the craic, Sharon’s mother asks her to return to her hometown.  She works in a bar, hangs out with the local drama group and begins to feel cornered into following everyone else’s footsteps i.e. get married, buy house, have baby.  Repeat final step until dead.  This is the backwards love story of a girl who figures out what she wants just as she realises what she has.

Come along to the TDC this Friday, February 10th to hear a rehearsed reading of the text and give valuable feedback to Katie on her new play set to open at Cork Midsummer Festival later this year.


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