Welcome to the Theatre Development Centre!

Theatre Development Centre spaceThe Theatre Development Centre (TDC) was established by Corcadorca in 2011. TDC is housed in Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork. Corcadorca make the space available to theatre makers free of charge so they may write, work with actors, and develop the technical aspects of a piece—but most of all so they have a supportive environment in which to create work for the stage.

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Brendan Griffin – “One Thousand Moments”

Brendan Griffin is working on his new play, “One Thousand Moments of Extraordinary Pleasure”, with two actors, Malcolm Adams and Mark D’Aughton.

The play’s two characters are Terry, a retired father who sets arranges daily moments of pleasure to fill the time during what would have been his working week; and Andrew, a married accountant in his early 40’s who takes on the alter ego of Louise and dresses in sophisticated women’s clothes in his office on Friday lunchtime.  The action takes place over seven Friday lunchtimes when the two men meet in Andrew’s office.

This play was shortlisted for the Listowel Writers’ Week Eamon Keane Full Length Play Award.  The cast and writer/Director are spending the week doing multiple readings to test the script and strengthen it.  A presentation will take place on Friday in the new lunchtime slot, from 1pm to 2pm, at TDC in Triskel Arts Centre.

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Perforum Autumn 2018

Perforum is a series of talks and events on the arts.  They are presented by UCC but open to all and free to attend.  There will be one event per month.  They take place from 6pm to 7:45.  This term the theme of Perforum events is “Performing Arts and Inclusivity”.

The schedule for this term is as follows:

Wednesday, 26th September – ‘Hearing and Connecting’ Eoin Nash

Thursday, 18th October – ‘Working with touch and movement in arts and health’ Katy Dymoke

Wednesday, 07th November – ‘Alternative Dramaturgies informed by a D/deaf and Disability Perspective’  Kaite O’Reilly

For more information, go to https://www.ucc.ie/en/music-theatre/drama/news

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ROGU 1st-12th October

A collaboration between Guillaume Cousson and Ronan McLoughlin, ROGU 2.0 is a choreographic work mixing body movement, illusion and light manipulation.

Guillaume and Ronan have grown individually as renowned international performers with a very similar set of skills, but used in different ways and constantly influencing each other. They complement each other, speaking the languages of body movement and object manipulation to convey a story. 

The aim of this project is to create a new genre of circus performance using technology that creates light effects synchronised with body illusion techniques.

This new work will be presented in 2019 at Circus festivals around the world.  The team will show the fruit of their work in a free public showing on Friday, October 12th at 1pm.

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